We are an inspired team PASSIONATE about creating BEAUTIFUL, lasting designs.

We are building SPACES for the FUTURE.

Creating Authentic Spaces.

Rust and Varnish Hospitality Group is a small independent design and concept firm based in Denver,CO. Our commitment is to create lasting, sustainable and authentic concepts that add value to the environment in which they are placed. Our philosophy is that each space should evoke an emotion and leave a lasting memory.

We seek opportunities in the marketplace which have not yet been tapped into and carefully place the right concept into this nitch after extensive demographic and retail research. We do not force a concept onto a community because it is simply trendy. There must be a void, a need or gap. In this way we are an enlightened hospitality group focused on creative concept development.


With over 30 combined years in the retail, financial and restaurant industries, Dustin, Ali and Steven all bring unique facets to create a dynamic team. Their diverse experience, creativity and market knowledge give them the tools needed in developing successful and sustainable restaurants, events and boutique hotels.



While we have many projects of our own in the works, we believe that collaboration is a large key to success. We are currently accepting new client projects, so let us know how we can help.


Black Eye Expansion

We are adding another location in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver. An expanded location means an expanded space and expanded services, both in beverages and in food. Black Eye II will be opening early 2015.





Just a few blocks from the existing Black Eye, a dirt lot will soon be transformed into our iteration of a juice bar and cafe. Clever will provide several options of cold pressed juices, smoothies, as well as a full menu for breakfast and lunch seven days a week. Clever will offer brunch all day Saturday and Sunday. Also coming early 2015.




Recently Completed:

3745 Navajo St.

We believe that the environment in which you dwell is just as important as the space in which you conduct business. Naturally we wanted our home to be a space that felt inviting but also a place that transports you. Our home feels like a beach oasis nestled in the mountains of Colorado. We created this look by painting the floors white, mixing our thrifted and new pieces, hanging a hammock chair from Mexico and adding in warm woods with pops of blue throughout. See the full feature including a list of furniture and finishes on Apartment Therapy HERE.


Thank you to Kathryn Bacalis for the images and see the full Apartment Therapy feature HERE.



Black Eye Coffee Shop

A third wave coffee shop located in the developing neighborhood of Lo-Hi in Denver. Black Eye Coffee Shop provides a unique community space that caters to neighborhood residents with fresh baked pastries, cold-pressed juices, fresh food options and the highest quality coffee available. Design, development and execution by Rust and Varnish has led Black Eye to profitability within the first year. Black Eye has been recognized with national press from Eater, Apartment Therapy, Food and Wine and the award of Best New Coffee Shop in Denver by Westword Magazine. We have recently been published in Travel and Leisure Magazine.


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